Kanji Bando's profile


    Kanji Bando was born in Kobe in 1950.
After he graduated from Chiba University with a photography technique major, he worked for a publisher and a film-making company. In 1991, he established his personal office called “FURONEKO STUDIO”.
Since then he has specialized in cat photos and has worked as a “catgrapher" (cat photographer).
His concept is that the best shot of a cat is an ordinary look of "just another of cat". Visiting ordinary households, he has been taking over 200 cat photos per year. He has pursued his passion of taking endearing photos of cats as man's best friends. He has done a lot of work like photo books, calendars and postcards. He has also done his book’s design and binding by himself.
Mr Bando has published a number of photo books. He released his first DVD called “Fuwafuwa Neko Movie – Nenn-neko (means fluffy cat movie – sleeping cat)” in 2009. He has been taking cover photos for a magazine for cat lovers called “Neko no Kimochi” since the first issue. He has also offered cat photos to AIXIA (a cat food company). And, he has worked as an instructor of a cat photography course at TOKYU seminar Shibuya BE.
On top of all that, he has judged and commented on photos posted by amateur photographers on the official site of the standby screen for Japanese cellphone companies (DoCoMo, au, SoftBank).
In his free time, he collects "lucky cats", listens to music and goes to rustic hot springs.